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Contour provides certain solutions that overlay various industries and applications. In other words, customers will find them appropriate to resolve various issues that may have been unresolved or partially resolved by products from other vendors. From its founding, Contour had two goals in mind:

- Create a cellular solution that is completely safe from network based attacks

- Create a cellular solution that is as reliable or more reliable than landline counterparts

We have succeeded in our security goal, creating a private cellular solution that is as safe as a point-to-point leased landline, and we are releasing in 2013 two solutions that will give our customers the same level of reliability of a leased landline.

Contour HA (High Availability)

Contour HA is the first in a product line designed to improve availability of cellular service to a point at which its reliability will compete with leased landlines.

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Contour AP (Application Persistence)

In addition to monitoring the cellular networks, Contour AP monitors individual POS and ATM transactions to determine the quality of the...

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