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Under marketplace pressure, healthcare is changing to include delivery of certain regular and important tests via kiosks.There are several business models for placement of these kiosks, but many are found within standalone and grocery store pharmacies.In almost all cases, the kiosk operator is a third party collocating inside these stores.

There is often an issue in connectivity during deployment of the kiosks.Often, both parties want to share the store connectivity, but regulations, most often PCI or HIPAA, get in the way.While the stores are welcoming to the new business model, the thought of changing their store networks to accommodate healthcare kiosk and other third parties is more difficult than it seems.Often, the kiosk operator finds that cellular is the best option, but operators with HIPAA concerns are left with security questions that they find difficult to answer.

For those operators, Contour provides the same suite of options: 1-Net, Contour MultiNet HA, and Contour MultiNet AP.Contour helps these operators by eliminating any concerns over network compliance to HIPAA, and we address availability and application continuity as needed.


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