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Retail, ATM, Banking, and other Financial Institutions face a daunting task when trying to secure their networks, protect customer information, and meet regulatory statutes. However, the security of your POS, ATM, branch office, and kiosk connections can be simple with Contour. We do the heavy lifting, developing integrated solutions that can be installed in minutes rather than weeks, monitoring your connectivity status on every device, and providing fully managed router and network services including installation, maintenance, and replacement. For you, there is no management of hundreds or thousands of VPN connections and no worrying about whether your valuable assets are properly connected. In short, we make connectivity easy.

PCI Certification

For many years, retail organizations, ATM operators, and Financial Institutions have leased point-to-point landlines in order to get the security and reliability they need to facilitate financial transactions.

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High Availability (HA)

When Contour was founded, we set our sights on solving two problems with cellular networks: Security and Reliability. Feeling fairly certain we have addressed the security issue, we began in early 2011 to organize our thoughts and ...

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Application Persistence (AP)

At Contour, we are never satisfied until we get as close to perfect as we think is useful and/or possible. So, when we completed our HA product, we began work on our Application Persistence (AP) product.

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