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More and more, businesses are deploying kiosks for specialized tasks, for extending their retail presence and brand, and for providing convenience to their customers. Often, these kiosks are POS enabled or used for bill-pay, which means the connections to those machines need to be secure, and sometimes PCI compliant. Just as often, the kiosks are used for advertisement and need fresh content delivered on a scheduled, or even a real-time basis.

For scheduled content delivery, Contour can offer solutions that save you time and money by delivering content when the network is least used. If the files are large, and you want to ensure that the entire file is sent in a single try, you can use the Contour AP product, which will give you comfort in knowing that you won’t drive up connection costs when a connection fails during a file download. You won’t need encryption over Contour’s Private Network, which is a bandwidth and money saver. When your kiosk is ready to deploy, your connection can be ready—no more waiting 4 to 8 weeks for a landline to be installed, and the set-up is quick and easy.

If your kiosk is located inside a third party location, there is often confusion about whether or not you can use your partner’s connectivity. If it is a retail location, your partner’s PCI auditor will likely frown on you using your partner’s connection, and you will likely find that the only path to a timely deployment is to provide your own connection.

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