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Contour recognizes that connectivity solutions can be very different from industry to industry, so we have focused on a relatively small number of industries that can best utilize our value proposition.  Our network extends to over 70 countries, allowing our customers a single source for their global M2M needs. 


Retail, ATM, Banking, and other Financial Institutions face a daunting task when trying to secure their networks, protect customer information, and meet regulatory statutes...

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Corporate security is about more than keeping the bad guys out.  It is also about protecting your brand, business continuity, securely operating remote assets, and protecting customer information...

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Healthcare companies face a myriad of challenges with the coming regulatory changes, and Contour is prepared to help in your efforts with connectivity products that take some of the burden of deploying and managing new healthcare solutions...

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Contour provides certain solutions that overlay various industries and applications.In other words, customers will find them appropriate to resolve various issues...

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