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A highly integrated, purpose-built system can quickly improve bottom-line results. One of our favorite integration cases came from JCI, Contour’s parent company in Japan. A group of rice farmers had a problem with wild pigs digging up their fields, so they put out humane traps to catch the pigs. Because they weren’t able to check the traps often enough, the farmers would sometimes find the pigs dead in their cages. When this was discovered by an animal rights group, the farmers were forced to find a solution for checking the traps often enough to ensure the pigs would be ok. Using motion sensitive cameras, a cellular network, and uniquely labeled traps, JCI developed a solution that would take a picture of the cage number when a pig was trapped and send it to one or more people assigned to monitor the traps. The farmers would sell the trapped pigs at local markets, making extra money and more than justifying the cost of the camera deployment and cellular connection.

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