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Private Network

General purpose devices and general purpose networks are great, that is, until you need to secure them. At Contour, we decided to architect our network for security from the ground up. And, we decided that the core of our customer network would be completely private, using the Internet only when our customers need services not available on the Private Network. In those cases, we segment and secure the applications from one another completely, so as to not compromise our Private Network.

Unlike Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which use the public Internet for transport, Contour’s Private Network is just that – private. Your traffic will never touch a public network as long as we can connect directly with the destination endpoint. Whether that endpoint is a payments processor or a corporate network is irrelevant – our job is to ensure that your valuable data gets from your devices to its destination and back safely and without risk of public network vulnerabilities.

Contour’s customers recognize that they put their brands, and perhaps their companies, at risk every time sensitive corporate or customer data passes across any network. With the recent announcements of vulnerabilities in encryption algorithms and lack of randomness in some random number generators, VPNs used for passing sensitive data are in serious jeopardy. And, the long list of data breaches against businesses and governments continues to get longer.

Simply put, a private network is your best bet against data theft, data manipulation or destruction, and network disruption. Contour has the only completely private, PCI certified cellular network in the country, but we don’t stop there. For more about the other security measures we employ, visit our Security page, and find out how we go beyond the private network to deliver world-class secure connectivity.

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