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“The only winning move is not to play.”(Joshua: WarGames© 1983).

Time and time again, the criminals win. Identity theft levels remain high, ATM cash-outs are the financial theft method of choice, restaurant and retail chains are breached, and corporate America continues to pass sensitive customer information over the public Internet, usually via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Your IT and network staff are managing hundreds or thousands of VPN connections, and they are not seeing the level of reliability they need. Or, they are paying hundreds of dollars per month for private leased line connections that work well to protect sensitive information but are too expensive for your budget and lack redundancy.

Meanwhile, we are learning how vulnerable our most widely used encryption methods have become, making it increasingly difficult to determine what we should do to mitigate the risk of VPNs and data storage practices. Regulatory requirements are high, and brand risk is very real for those who fall victim to financial data and identity thieves.

Contour believes there is only one good solution to these issues: Private Wireless Leased Lines (PWLL). By combining the cost efficiency of cellular data communications with the same basic methods used by land-line carriers to create point-to-point wired connections, we have created a best case scenario for our customers – lower cost, high reliability, and best security.

Private Wireless Network

General purpose devices and general purpose networks are great, that is, until you need to secure them. At Contour, we decided to architect our network for security from the ground up...

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PCI Certification

For many years, retail organizations, ATM operators, and Financial Institutions have leased point-to-point landlines in order to get the security and reliability they need to facilitate financial transactions...

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Arxceo is a JCI Group company and works closely with both JCI and Contour Networks to create secure digital ecosystems for a variety of device types and specialized needs...

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