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Contour’s MultiNet product is designed for our customers who need either a choice of cellular networks to ensure connectivity at a given location or a combination of cellular networks to ensure very high availability.

MultiNet employs innovative methods to bring state-of-the-art security and state-of-the-art reliability to cellular connectivity with a variety of configurations.

MultiNet HA (High Availability). For our customers who want the reliability of terrestrial leased line networks, easier deployments, and better management. With no additional features, MultiNet HA provides you with:

- Nationwide PCI-Certified Private Cellular Network

- Mutli cellular network PA-DSS certified router with multiple LAN options

- Segmented private network with protected access (requires private connection to Contour facilities to access private network)

- Active/Hot-standby configuration of two cellular networks on a single cellular router allows for failover in a few milliseconds

- Multiple carrier options to optimize coverage and signal strength

- Short cycle health-checks for primary and secondary networks

- Automatic fail-over from primary to secondary network when primary connection fails

- Automatic fail-back when primary network regains connection

- 99.9% or better connectivity uptime

MultiNet IPS. For our customers who want the highest level of security available.

Contour employs our proprietary Arxceo Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to ensure your MultiNet devices are protected beyond the private network and in circumstances in which our customers require a public network. Arxceo’s patented anomaly detection technology has the ability to recognize a huge range of potential attacks without the use of an attack signature database.

o Anomaly-based detection requires no signature updates

o “Set and Forget” design makes Arxceo easy to manage

MultiNet SMA (Secure Management Access). For our customers who have private access to their cellular routers through Contour, Contour provides two additional security options:

Two-factor, one-time password authentication to your private network

o Token on mobile phone for easy access

o No shared secret required for deployment

Three-factor automated administrator access to router management console

o Impervious to replay attacks, address spoofs, etc

o Invisible to scans and probes

o Use any traditional protocol for access and management

o Combined with private network and two-factor authentication, it is impervious to any breach methodology except social engineering

Private line access only to Contour customer networks (no VPN)

MultiNet AP (Application Persistence). Contour defines application persistence as the ability to continue transactional or streaming applications after the loss or degradation of one of the two cellular networks in the MultiNet product.

For customers who need the highest degree of reliability, MultiNet AP features:

Network and transaction level monitoring

Router automatically switches from primary network to secondary network based on:

♦ Network congestion

♦ Connection failure

♦ Network-based attack, scan or probe

♦ Packet failure in individual transactions

If network switch occurs in the middle of a transaction, the transaction can still be completed without interruption

Unparalleled solution for mission-critical remote network and/or high-volume M2M applications

Available late 2013

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