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Contour SecurED

Contour SecurED provides a unique service that helps reduce the digital divide for students. Currently, approximately 30% of schoolchildren lack access to broadband connectivity outside of school, which cuts the efficiency of the electronic classroom. Until now, providing broadband access would have meant accepting certain risks, such as costly data overages stemming from non-educational use or potential liability if students are accessing illegal content. Enter Contour SecurED. Using the same technology that protects data, Contour SecureED provides a network structure that allows students to access wireless internet service off of campus, while maintaining stringent safety standards for internet usage. Risk is mitigated, allowing schools to provide wireless connectivity safely to students who depend upon it for their education.

Contour SecurED offers:

・ Fully Private Network

・ CIPA Filtering that complies with the Child Internet Protection Act to block unauthorized content

・ Data Throttling reduces speed for unauthorized content or data overages

・ Usage Caps to reduce data overages

・ SIM Lock to prevent theft or misuse

・ Reporting and Configuration Portal

・ Inventory Management

Allowing children to access information off campus is critical to their learning experience, yet providing access comes with the responsibility of keeping programs within budget guidelines, reducing the possibility of usage for non-education purposes, and of course, keeping children safe from predators and illegal content found online. Let Contour SecurED handle the security features necessary to safely provide connectivity for children, and let your campus reap the benefit of reducing the digital divide for its student body by increasing technological resources for enhanced learning.

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