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1-Net is designed for our customers who need security and regulatory compliance from their network provider. Configured with a single cellular network, 1-Net is a Private, PCI-Certified hardware and network product that can be configured to serve a variety of needs. For secure connectivity in more cost sensitive applications, it provides the user with nationwide cellular coverage over a variety of cellular carrier networks; monthly charges that are typically below the cost of a phone line; the ability to access your connection, billing, usage, and other information via our customer portal; 24 X 7 customer support; reduction in the cost of your regulatory compliance audits; and, the comfort of knowing that your customers’ data is safe. 1-Net can be used for POS, ATM, Kiosk, network back-up, and a variety of other applications.

1-Net comes with two optional application configurations.

1-Net IPS (Intrusion Prevention)

Contour employs our proprietary Arxceo Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to ensure your MultiNet devices are protected beyond the private network and in circumstances in which our customers require a public network. Arxceo’s patented anomaly detection technology has the ability to recognize a huge range of potential attacks without the use of an attack signature database.

1-Net SMA (Secure Management Access)

Contour offers access to your private network through a direct connection to our network. We use a two-factor authentication method with a one-time password to optimize password protection and access control. The token for the authentication system is software-based and can reside on a PC or Smartphone.

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