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Contour Networks Japan

Japan has what are often heralded as the most sophisticated cellular networks in the world, and Japanese companies, along with the Japanese government, have often led in cellular innovation and improvement. Founded in 2013, Contour Networks Japan was created to adapt Contour’s M2M solutions to the Japan marketplace and to continue to improve our products and services, ultimately for release globally. This gives us the added staffing benefit of “following-the-sun”. During US daytime hours, Japanese speakers in our US call center can support Japan customers during the night, and vice versa. The same holds true with the work done by our network monitoring and R&D teams.

In the not too distant future, you will see Contour Networks Europe as well. For our larger customers, it means that Contour will be able to support your global M2M deployments with similar or identical solutions as you find in Contour Networks US. Consolidated billing and global roaming is something most large carriers can offer today; a unique and market or application-specific solution, global monitoring, MRO, and local network pricing are value points you can find with Contour.

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