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  • There’s nothing Virtual about Contour’s Private Network.
    See how Contour’s Private Cellular Data Network can help your business.
  • Concerned about the latest network security breaches?
    See why Contour’s customers don’t worry about those issues.
  • Simple solutions are often best. Simple and Secure solutions are always best.
    Contour’s Private Cellular Data Network outperforms VPN networks on security and management.

Company Overview


Contour Networks is the premier global provider of secure, high-availability, regulatory compliant cellular network connectivity, providing services that are not designed to compete with commodity-based carrier products and cannot be replicated by any cellular carrier. Our customer-driven, value-oriented approach to product creation and development produces cellular products and services that meet or exceed all security and availability standards for traditional wireline products and far exceed any services available on cellular networks.

Contour’s industry first PCI Certified Private Cellular Network provides our ATM, Point-of-Sale (POS), vending, and healthcare kiosk customers with the opportunity to avoid costly regulatory audits, while keeping their customers’ information safe and their brands protected. Almost none of our competitors operate their own networks, or they operate a managed VPN (Virtual Private Network).

By contrast, Contour offers a fully Private Network—there’s nothing virtual about it. Our customers’ critical data never touches the Internet. Contour’s private connections with its carrier partners and with many payments processors facilitate our Private Network and allow us to both control your connections and support you better because we have that control. The difference that Contour provides to your connectivity experience is substantial and meaningful. So, please continue to peruse our website, or Contact Us for more information.

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June 16, 2015
Minimize Threats with a Private Wireless Leased Line
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